Thursday, December 6, 2012

Birthday Foolishness . . . El Guapo Edition

To the guys who brings us Foolish Friday, Funny Limericks, and Sunday Night Cookoff a big ole HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! 

Here's my shot at a limerick in honor of Guap. 

He brings us Foolish Friday

It makes it so I don't cry that day.

It's signals the beginning of the weekend.

So then I start thinking.

Soon will be Sunday, and he'll be a drinking.

I've been lucky enough to run across some great people here in the blogosphere; as well as, make some great friends. I have enjoyed getting to know Guap, and have enjoyed the stories and recipes we have exchanged. Of coarse, I didn't do the cooking when I was sent a wonderful recipe for Roasted Garlic Soup. (I'm not allowed) However, I had my hubs whip it up. I coached along from the couch while following along with #SundayNightCookoff. 

In honor of your birthday I have put together my own little poll. 

If you could spend El Guapo's birthday with him, 
what would you do?

A.) Have him cook for you.
B.) Would you cook for him.
D.) Go grab a burger and a beer.
E.) Attempt singing La Bamba at Karaoke with him.
F.) Other

Since I'm not as fancy as Guap, please answer the poll in the comments. Then hop on over to his place and wish him a happy birthday! 



  1. Great post, K-bar!
    I'd. Grab a burner and a beer with him, then come back to the house and cook with him for the next few meals.

  2. I was going to say "D" also so, Amy, why don't we just all go together? Except can mine be a turkey burger?

    Happy Birthday, Guapo ...

  3. Great limerick. :) I would say D as well! Medium well with the works, please.

    1. It was no "Guap" limerick. He's talented!

  4. YAY! Thanks Kari!!

    1. Happy to be a part of the fun! You kids rock!

  5. Ha!
    Love the limerick, love the poll, and love hanging out with you, wherever in the sphere we do!

    Thank you for this, Kari!!!

    1. Still trying to figure out how I got so lucky to have crossed paths with you. Happy birthday my friend!

  6. Karaoke sounds awesome! Is naked tabletop Karaoke also an option? With TMGITU right there of course.

  7. Burger and beer for me ... and he knows the Cincinnati burger place I would take him! Nice tribute to Guapo on his day!