Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You can't out run it . . .

The overwhelming feeling shakes you to your core. It has been haunting you for so long, but it is inescapable. Suddenly, rearing it's ugly head, you fight with all of the strength you can muster. Maybe, just maybe you will out run it this time. Dropping your guard, you allow yourself to think you're finally out of it's grasp. It squeezes you tighter leaving you almost breathless. Still you continue to try and draw a deep breath; struggling to fill your lungs. You thrust yourself forward; even if only for a fleeting moment. All of the sudden, it lunges out directly in front you again. You struggle to get away from the immense feelings that haunts you. Suddenly, you are tackled from behind and dragged to the ground. Now you are caught. All that running was in vein. You know better, but you try. At last, you are confronted. Completely at it's mercy. 

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