Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sharks, Alligators, Zombies, OH MY!

When I my sister and I were kids, my parents always said they did not miss out on having boys. Mostly because we played sports, played at the creek, and weren't afraid to get dirty. We also had our princess side, but we were ok with a little dirt on our tiaras.

Well, I see this is very true for my little <ahem> princess She loves her dresses that spin, taking care of her babies (and other people's real babies), tea parties are a must, and just being down right fancy. You know pinky out when you're drinking your tea type of fancy. By the way, if you are not doing it right, she will call you out on it...you've been warned. However, this sweet, adorable princess with her little halo hovering just above her head, has developed a taste for all things disgusting! There are very few things that she is scared of, and she is very adventurous. She loves sharks, big roller coasters, zombies, blood and guts, as well as anything that will scare her Memaw. For example, when Memaw comes to watch her at gymnastics, Ry always makes sure she is watching when she is on the high bars and leaps from the bottom bar to the top. Mind you, this princess is 42 inches and 39 lbs soaking wet. Needless to say, the first couple times she did this I nearly sucked up the bench with my ass cheeks I was clinching so hard. Well, Memaw was the same way. Now, she has the act down. Ry does the bars, looks over to make sure we are watching, then leaps from one to another. After her dismount, she looks over very proudly shaking her head up and down with a big "I got you" grin. Then she runs over and says "scared you, didn't I?" <insert laugh here as she runs away>

She has also developed a love for sharks. My hubs showed her Jaws a few years ago. I would always get on to him because her being 3 made me think she was too young for this type of movie. Plus, truth be told, I can not stand the movie! Mostly because every single time it is on, my hubs turns it on. I'm pretty sure there is a channel dedicated to it. Being the genius that she is, she has determined that I am scared of the shark. Therefore, she now loves it. She even asked Santa Clause for a shark for Christmas so she could chase me around the house with it singing...dun, nun, nun, nun, nun. Nice, right?

Did I mention her new love of alligators? 
She could not wait to hold an alligator so she could scare Memaw!

Not only has she developed a love for scaring people and sharks to name a few, she has fallen head over heals for all things zombie. She loves Halloween time, and getting out to go see all the decorations at the store. The scarier, the better. She also loves to see people dressed up as zombies or monsters, and tries to scare them. Oddly enough, one of her best friends is the same way. Last time they were together, they came up with their own band called "The Disgusting Zombie Barf Brains." They had songs too. Once again asking Santa for Zombie Brains for Christmas. I just stood there and smiled, trying not to laugh to hard as Santa had no clue what to say. The follow up question was "Santa, how much do you make?" Thanks Uncle Eddie.

Stunned Santa doesn't know what to say to the princess.
A friend zombified her while were in Nola.
She was so excited to find a friend.

So her latest fascination came at at MY expense. I had brain surgery when she was 4 weeks old. Fast forward to last year, I felt the slightest little bump near the spot the doctors drilled in. At first I didn't think too much about it, but then it seemed like it was getting bigger. I seriously thought I had a screw loose. I went for an MRI, and found out it was a cyst. I was so relieved. However, over the last year it grew big enough to bother me. So, naturally I went to see my doctor. I made an appointment to have that little sucker removed! Ryan got wind of this, and INSISTED I take her with me to get it taken care of. Well, how the hell do you say no to that? So I went out of my way to get her on the way to the appointment, and was even a few minutes late. She kept giggling saying the were going to "peel my head!" We get in, and the doctors access the "situation," and decides not to drain and/or remove it. Ryan was so disappointed. Until...the doctor asked her if she wanted to see them stick it with a needle 3 times and put steroids in it. Wait, WHAT? 

Well, the princess was happy again. She got right in there with the doctor and watched them inject steroids THREE times. She oohed and awed. Than began to giggle. I have high hopes for my girl. I'm quite proud of the fact that she loves icky stuff like that. She tells me that she wants to be a veterinarian  one day. So, I see these as good qualities. She also has a back up plan...she wants to play in a Zombie Rock Band with her BFF.

It's really something special to see all the sides of her personality start to form the person she is becoming. The good,  the scary, and the icky! I love my little non-traditional princess!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well, this get this party started right. Shall we? 

Tonight is our last sleep before our trip to New Orleans. It is just my mom, Ryan, and myself going. Girls trip...three generations of girls at that. This is very exciting for me, and of coarse my mom and Ry. 

My hubs and I have been to Nola five times in the last year. We went once, and fell in sweet, sweet love with the place. However, my mom and Ry have never been. So we started planning our trip two months ago. Yes trip, because there will be NO time for vacation. More on that later. The thing my daughter wants more than ANYTHING is to hold a baby alligator. Every day for two months she has told me and showed me how she is going to hold it. She practices with our cats (God bless them. If they weren't so old they would have eaten her by now.) We watch shows about alligators and swamps. We are on alligator overload. She is even dreaming about them. I woke her up the other morning and she was pissed because she was about to get to hold one. Oy! So I called the swamp place to make damn sure they would have an alligator for her. Everyone can let out a deep sigh of relief...they do. Here's the little guy I got to hold. Hmmm, wonder where she got the idea? 

So, what is the difference between a trip and a vacation? Maybe you can tell by our itinerary. 

Thursday- Mardi Gras WorldSt. James Cheese Company (Thanks ODNT), and a tour of a friends new studio at Elephant Quilt Production. Ry is super excited about this because when I spoke to my friend Sunday he said she could play the drums when she got there. Later she let me know that she would like a microphone while she's there so she could sing too. Help me. 

Friday- Our friends are picking us up, and heading to LA Children's Museum. Later we're off to see a Fire Station (She thinks Smitty might be there. Probably not child, but there is a really funny guy named Mike there, and he's  t-r-o-u-b-l-e. He had my hubs and I rolling. We were trying to get him to do a little version of the White Snake Video on the truck, or was he trying to get me to do it? Whatever...move on.) Then, off to see dead people the Cemeteries, shopping, Jackson Square, and dinner at the Evangeline. Then, I get to take two tired worn out girls back to the hotel, and hit the town with friends! (See you soon Jackie and Brandy.) We are going to see Rotary Downs play, finally. Yay! 

Saturday- Sleep in a little please dear baby Jesus! Then, Cafe Du Monde with friends. After we're hopped up on beignets and coffee it's off to the Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium, Butterfly Garden, and IMAX. We'll take a walk down to the Mississippi River to watch the big ships, and French Market. Then, dinner with our friends again! We get to meet our friends little boy that is already two. Ryan has already claimed the right to sit next to her Jason, and his little boy. 

Sunday- SWAMP TOUR!!! Did I mention Ryan wants to hold an alligator? Finally, the moment she's been waiting for. My sole job will be to make sure she doesn't end up as alligator food. Frankly, I'm a wee bit nervous about taking her. I fully expect her to tell me I'm invading her personal space, but hey kid you are ALWAYS in mine. So we're even. We are also excited to be meeting a different set of friends that live ten minutes from the tour, but have never been. Should be interesting with two little girls out on the swamps. Say a prayer for me, please! Then, back to the hotel for a quick break, and off to New Orleans City Park. We're going to catch up with friends, and let the kids play at the amusement park and ride the carousel. We might even try and squeeze in the Museum if possible...

Monday- Sleep in!!! Breath. Then go do anything we could have possible forgot. Then, off to the airport. 

As you can see, this is no vacation. This is not for the wary. This is a destination trip. Yes, destination trip in the since that we have so many damn destinations to go to. I think when we get back I'll take a vacation. 

Since we packed Sunday (can you tell someone is excited?) I'll have to remember to toss in a little extra patience, remember this itenery is not set in stone, and to sit back and enjoy our special trip together...just us three generations of girls. Did I mention their having a Daiquiri Festival? Everything will be just fine. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hi....I'm new at this blogging thing.

So, this is my debut. I've been talking about writing for awhile with my friend Mel, and finally took the leap. I don't know where this journey will take me, but I do know it will document my time spent with my girlie...Ryan. I use to write *everything* down for the first 3 years of her life, and still have all the journals. Then, life got in the way. Not her, she kept going...we kept going. I was just overwhelmed with every thing thrown at me. I've decided to take a step back and document; as well as embrace all of our new adventures. She is my only daughter, and will be. I got lucky on the first try. She does have an older half-brother. He is 18...yes years old! Life threw me for a few loops (I use loops very loosely, I got hosed!). That will be discussed later. No matter how I try to put it behind me...it's always there. I look forward to where this adventure will take us, and documenting our journey along the way.