Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's a Boy~Don't change his diaper!

My sister: Isn't he adorable?

Me: of coarse.

Sister: Can you change his diaper?

Me: Yes! He's my snuggle bug!

Sister: Boys are different.

Me: Whatever! *sprays me in the face*

Sister: hahahaha! Told you.

Me: I've been initiated. Won't happen again.

Though it did. Many times. That kid peed on me All. The. Time. No matter how his diaper was on. 

Love him. Sweetest boy ever. Plus he's 10. He doesn't pee on me anymore.

Ketchup With Us

Let's Ketchup with ONDT and According to Mags!

*Decided not to link up, but still enjoyed the prompt. I still have an entry over there. Go check it out! 

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    If it ever comes up again, use one of those nipple pads that absorb breast milk. My sister swore by them for both her kids.

    Great story! Laughed through it, and even got some of the warm fuzzies!