Monday, July 8, 2013

Let freedom swing!

Freedom to me is taking off my bra as soon as I get home. Am i right ladies? 

Short and sweet. My computer is being an a-hole, so I'm going for the participation ribbon. Sorry for no button or rules. Who needs rules. :)

Check out Mel at @AccordingToMags and Michele @OldDogNewTits. They're pretty awesome. 


  1. Amen, Sister! Freedom feels good!

  2. Yes indeed, that is the definition of freedom for sure. Underwires be damned after 7pm! Thanks for linking up to the Monday hop!

  3. There's a reason our foremothers burned these MFs, you know!

    Thanks for playing ketchup, Kari.

  4. Well, this is quite the post to hop in on.
    Umm...somethingsomething Liberty Bell analogy something...

  5. I've no equivalent. I have to keep my boxer briefs on at least until after dinner. There's such a thing as too much freedom.