Friday, May 31, 2013

What to do when the boys take over your THREE car garage

When you have a teenager that wants to build a car, I highly recommend you do your best to accommodate. Especially if he's a car enthusiasts. 


Because that means he will want to spend time at home with his friends working on the car. You will know where he is, and you get to meet ALL of his friends. 

Great plan. Just don't think of the expense that goes along with it. Remember, your boy is at home. He's working on a project with his dad and 100 of his closest friends. Oy. 

I gladly accommodated. In fact, I'm so cool it was my idea. Go me! 

This works out so well because we have a three car garage. You hand over two bays because you know you'll still have yours. Yeah, right. 

It's fantastic at first. He's home all the time. His friends are all here. You're providing pizza to half the town, but you know on any given weekend where your teenager is. Fan-freakin-tastic!

But wait. Here's the catch. You can never NEVER go out of town with your daughter. Ever. 


Because your husband is an overgrown teenager. . . with money. Limitations melt away. You're not there to <ahem> guide them in the process. You can't stop them from opening accounts at various "car" places. They spend, spend, spend. Think that's the worst of it? Oh hell no. You come home from a lovely getaway with your daughter to find that you have been kicked out of your THREE car garage. For ONE car. 

Why you ask? 

Because they have bought a cherry lift, an engine host, and bolted a pipe bender in your spot TO THE GROUND! 

You ask why did you do that? Their answer. . . because we needed to bend pipes. Ahhh.  Makes perfect sense if you have a penis. Which I don't. All I know is I've been parking outside for months now. Damn. Almost a year. Not cool. 

Here's the solution though. 

You wait until they're gone and you're fed up. 

Go to the garage and take back your spot! Get the bolt remover thingy and move that baby. Pile all their crap up, and take what is rightfully yours. Oh wait. They don't like where you put their crap? Tough. Remember you don't like parking in the driveway. In the heat, in the rain, in the winter. That's right gals, reclaim your space. It's YOURS! Take it back. It might take a little hard work, but that's ok. Maybe next time they'll think about what's rightfully yours. If they don't? Let them know there will be consequences, and see if they want to find out. I bet I could get some good money with all their hard work. 

Besides, the teenager has recently become an "adult" and moved out. Apparently he has a life of him own between school and work. It would be a great reminder to coming home to work on his project. 


  1. Oh man, damn boys! And you are right, a husband is just an overgrown kid with money. Growing up my brother did the same thing. Kicked my mom's '76 Buick Skylark to the driveway. Once it started getting scratches and broken into she reclaimed her space. (Not quietly either). Maybe his car can occupy his own place.

    1. Luckily I was able to claim my spot again! They've been warned!

  2. I just want to hear what the 0 to 60 is on the car when he's done!

    1. Oh that engine runs already! It is a beast.

  3. My boys are 11 and 13. I have now seen my future. Better enjoy the garage while I can.