Friday, December 21, 2012

I think I might be raising a homeless person

Seems like all kids love boxes. They're fun to play in, and encourages them to use their imagination. It's really is one of the best "toys" around.

Now that the holidays are here, I've been doing a lot of online shopping. That being said, we have accumulated quite a few boxes. Ryan has made cat beds, robots, monsters, and a house to name a few. We have one box in particular that is big enough for her to get in and close it up. She really made me smile when I found the box addressed "to Kari from Ryan." It was even better because she was inside.

Later that night after she brushed her teeth, she announced she was going to bed . . . in her box. My hubs and I chuckled and did what we needed to do to get ready for bed. Then we went to give hugs and night-night kisses, and found Ryan laying in the box. She had it turned on it's side and lined it with pillows, and of coarse a flashlight. She was already snuggled up in her covers, and insisted on sleeping there. So, I figured what could if hurt. However, around midnight I took the box off her bed and put her in bed properly. I didn't want her to wake up with so weird crick in her neck. I went back to bed only to be woken up at 4:00 am to . . . "MOM! WHY AM I NOT IN MY BOX?" Talk about a rude awakening. She went and got her box and reassembled her box bed. The next night she slept in it again. I did not bother taking her out of the box this time. I know how that will play out, and frankly, I like my sleep.

This brings us to last night (which would be another night in the box). She announces she's going to get her box ready for bed. Fine, fine just go get ready for bed. When I went to give her hugs and kisses, I found her IN the box. Yep, the opening was at the top and she was curled up in it. She had her "whaley" and pulled her covers over the top. Of coarse I laughed. When the laughter subsided, she asked me so sweetly if she could sleep in her box. I have in and said, sure why not? I figured I would get up and take her out of the damn box later that night. Good plan, right? One problem though. I totally fell asleep. When we got up this morning she was still curled up in her box. This brings me back to my question. Am I raising a future homeless person? Or just a very intelligent girl with a big imagination? I'm going with the second one.


  1. Definitely imagination!
    She has a great future in personal space architecture.

    (Because don't you remember as a kid how cozy those boxes were?)

    1. She totally does. Can't go wrong with a box. The original toy.

  2. I love it!! I wish i had boxes right now, it would captivate my 2yr old who won't get OFF MY BOOBS. Love this post!!

  3. Too funny! Is she still sleeping in the box?!